Extend your stay in Tuscany?

That is absolutely possible!

Extend your stay in Tuscany! It is absolutely possible to combine your donkey trekking or hiking tour with a longer stay in this beautiful Italian region. In fact, it is a very good idea to stay longer because there is plenty to do and see in the area. In addition to breathtaking environment, this region has a rich cultural past.

We are happy to give you tips on the best places to stay and campsites in the area. Upon booking with us, we can make these reservations for you free of charge, as part of our service.




Volterra was founded 3000 years ago by the Etruscans. There are traces and testimonies from every subsequent period which make this city unique. The city is also known for its alabaster, a marble-like stone, and white truffles: a world-famous delicacy.


The city situated on the banks of the Arno River is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and the city of the Medici. Florence has been the European mecca for art lovers for centuries and with good reason. In addition to the enormous art treasures in the museums, the entire city is spectacular to discover with an ice cream in hand.


Siena, slightly smaller than Florence, is a wonderful city built on three hills. These hills form a valley in Piazza del Campo, a beautiful shell-shaped square. In this square, the "Palio", horse races involving the entire city, are held. A true experience!


Pisa is synonymous with the leaning tower. But, Pisa is more than just that. It is a pleasant university city and praised worldwide for its Piazza dei Miracoli. This square is home to the baptistery, the cathedral and the leaning tower. A fun fact is that in the Middle Ages this city was located by the sea with an important harbour.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is situated on top of a hill in the Tuscan landscape. Fourteen towers dominate the city skyline. These served as a defense against looters and as a symbol of its wealth for the neighbouring communities.


This place can only be reached via a beautiful, perfectly straight cypress avenue. At the entrance of the village you have to go through the castle's entrance gate. Wine lovers cannot skip Bolgheri, because here one of the best wines of Italy is made: the Sassicaia.

Rocca Sillana

Rocca Sillana is an impressive castle from the 12th century that rises from the woods covering the highest hill of the Pomarance area. At the top of the hill, you will discover panoramic views over the larger part of Tuscany. The castle can only be reached on foot, so it is always peaceful here. Guided tours by an English-speaking guide are available at set times.

Masso delle Fanciulle

At the foot of the hill near Pomarance, Masso delle Fanciulle is an idyllic location for a swim in the river. Swim in the crystal clear water among fish, leap off rocks and cool yourself under the waterfall.

The Mediterranean Sea

The Tuscan coast is a mix of sea, nature and times past. Long pearly white beaches are interspersed with an impressive rocky coast. The only constant is the ever-bright blue water of the Mediterranean. The Costa degli Etruschi is rich in remains of the Etruscans, the people who inhabited this coast some 3000 years ago. The Etruscans also lived on Elba, the best known of the offshore islands.

Find truffles

The best restaurants from all over the world buy white truffles from the Volterra region. At agriturismo il Mulinaccio, together with Alessio and his sniffer dogs, you can search the woods for these diamonds of the kitchen. After the tour, a well-earned truffle-based meal will taste even better because you sourced them yourself.

Le Biancane geothermal park

In this park all the volcanic activities of the region can be seen within a few kilometers: a geyser, a boiling lake, hot springs and sulphur springs.

Cooking classes

Alessandra gives cooking classes at the Le Querce agriturismo near Querceto. Is there an Italian dish you really want to prepare authentically? At Le Querce you are in the right place!

Mining museum of Montecatini Val di Cecina

Visit one of Europe’s largest copper mines from the 18th century. Accompanied by a guide, you descend into the old shafts. Don't forget to bring something warm to wear because the air is a lot cooler underground.

Horse riding

The Santa Barbara riding school in Pomarance offers riding lessons to the young and old alike, even if you are an absolute beginner. Experienced riders can explore the area on horseback together with Michele or Maurizio.