How to find us in Tuscany

How to reach Tuscany

Pomarance is the starting point for our hiking and trekking holidays. It is located 1300 km from Brussels and 1450 km from Amsterdam. Tuscany is easy to reach by car or by plane. The motorways in northern and central Italy are of good quality.

Route from Brussels:

Route from Amsterdam:

There are two international airports in Tuscany: Florence and Pisa. Low cost airlines especially fly to Pisa.

There are several car rental companies in both airports where you can rent a car to drive to Pomarance. Tuscany has a good road network with motorways, express and municipal roads. As soon as you are outside the city, traffic is quiet and driving is relaxing.

Best deals from car rental companies:

Another possibility is hiring a taxi service. The driver will take you to Pomarance by car or by van for about € 130.

Pomarance can also be reached by public transport, although good planning is needed to avoid waiting times. In Pisa or Florence you take the train to Cecina and there a diesel train to the end station Volterra-Saline-Pomarance. This beautiful train journey takes about 3 hours from Florence, 1.5 hours from Pisa.

Train timetable:

From Pisa to the centre of Pomarance by bus takes about 1.5 hours. The bus runs once a day. This is also a nice ride, not along the rocky coast like the train, but through the typical Tuscan hilly landscape.

Timetable of bus 840 Pisa-Pomarance: