Through the rhythm of nature

Nature-friendly holidays in Tuscany

There is a lot to be said about Altratoscana in Tuscany, Italy! We only lift a corner of the veil here, however the only way to really discover who we are and appreciate this beautiful region, is by immersing yourself in the wonderful experience that is Altratoscana.

At Altratoscana, we focus on holidays where you can enjoy Tuscany’s nature and tranquillity, away from the trodden path. We follow the rhythm of nature and guide you to undiscovered places, either by hiking or donkey treks. We are the only provider in Tuscany for trekking with donkeys and also the only company in this region that offers hiking tours in the Monterufoli-Caselli nature reserve. Imagine rolling hills with fields of all hues dotted with small natural stone outcrops. See the track lined with cypresses leading you to a remote gorgeous Italian farmhouse. Experience the magic and music of nature, discover heavenly waterfalls, and enjoy your picnic under the Tuscany sun… We, at Altratoscana will reveal all the hidden gems of the area. So, what are you waiting for?