Discover a hidden paradise

Walk forgotten paths in Tuscany

If you've never been to Italy, consider Tuscany as it is definitely one of the most beautiful regions to discover. If you know Tuscany, we shouldn’t have to persuade you to visit it again. We can truly state that Tuscany is a paradise. The rolling hills with fields in all hues, intimate villages in natural stone, and gorgeous Tuscan villas at the end of avenues of cypresses all contribute to the imagination. This is the image of Tuscany we are all familiar with but there is so much more to see in this heavenly part of the world. You only have to know where to look, for example you can find an unknown nature reserve in the maquis with beautiful oak forests, gorgeous waterfalls, old mines, desolated railway bridges and forgotten thermal baths.

Altratoscana knows the untrodden paths to hidden gems, hamlets and high standard accommodation. Through multi-day hiking tours and donkey trekking you can discover unspoilt nature in the paradise that is Tuscany.