Op vakantie in het andere Toscane

Donkey trekking in Italy

Donkey trekking in Italy: Are you looking for something sporty and love animals? Would you like to take care of a donkey and combine this with hiking for a few days? In turn they will take care of you by carrying your baggage. Or do you want to get the kids excited about trekking with donkeys in Tuscany?
For young and old, donkeys are the ideal company on walks. They are sweet, patient and strong. Because of this children like to take care of donkeys and to help guide them. As a result, they walk much further than they would normally. If they get tired, they can rest on the back of their new found friend.
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Walking Tours in Tuscany

Walking tours in Tuscany, Italy: Do you dream of a walking holiday in the South surrounded by Tuscan nature? Do you dream of a walking holiday in the south in the middle of Tuscan nature? Want to explore the region on foot? Past small villages on ancient routes and narrow paths through the woods? In the evening, enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine after a delicious Italian dinner?
With our packages for hiking in Tuscany, you have the opportunity to make unique trips in a non-touristy nature reserve and stay the night in the best accommodation. We update our walks annually and can adapt perfectly to your hiking level.
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Travel incentives in Tuscany

A different environment works wonders! Altratoscana's trips stimulate your team to think differently and make it closer. Our offer ranges from adventurous trips to real gastronomic indulgence. A city trip to Firenze, a vespa tour, a walking tour or donkey trekking along the most beautiful agriturismi in Tuscany. View our range of customized active group trips!
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About Altratoscana in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany but different

There is a lot to be said about Altratoscana in Tuscany, Italy! We only lift a corner of the veil here, however the only way to really discover who we are and appreciate this beautiful region, is by immersing yourself in the wonderful experience that is Altratoscana.

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Agriturismi holiday farms in Tuscany

Attractive accommodation locations

Agriturismi are rural holiday accommodations in Tuscany that derive part of their income from agriculture. Most of the old farmhouses, where rooms are rented out, have been restored to their original style. In the kitchens, only local, organic and home-grown produce is used. All agriturismi locations meet our criteria: hospitality, a rustic environment, good food, child friendly, a good atmosphere and possibly a swimming pool.

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More about donkeys in Tuscany

Sweet go-getters

Patient, beautiful, eager to learn, loyal, independent, strong and very smart. In short they have a complete personality. We can go on all day long mentioning the positive qualities of our favorite animal, the donkey.

The reputation that donkeys are self-willed animals has to do with their intelligence and cautious nature.

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More about Pomarance

Hiking between Volterra and the coast

Pomarance is located in the Alta Val di Cecina, a region with a rich past and picturesque nature. Unlike other parts of Tuscany, this zone is unknown to the masses. The landscape consists of rolling, green hills interspersed with high rock formations. The geological origin of this area, also known as the metal hills, is volcanic.
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Extend your stay in Tuscany?

That is absolutely possible!

Extend your stay in Tuscany! It is absolutely possible to combine your donkey trekking or hiking tour with a longer stay in this beautiful Italian region. In fact, it is a very good idea to stay longer because there is plenty to do and see in the area. In addition to breathtaking environment, this region has a rich cultural past. We are happy to give you tips on the best places to stay and campsites in the area. Upon booking with us, we can make these reservations for you free of charge, as part of our service.
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How to find us in Tuscany

How to reach Tuscany

Pomarance is the starting point for our hiking and trekking holidays. Tuscany is easy to reach by car or by plane. The motorways in northern and central Italy are of good quality.

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kaart oscane trekking camping

Maps and GPS track

Maps, GPS tracking and detailed information about the route day per day


Agriturismi holiday farms in Tuscany

Overnachten in authentieke boerderijen en proeven van de veelzijdige Italiaanse keuken

toscane vakantiehuizen familievakantie ezels

Tailor made

An extended offer of multi-day tours suited for every budget and walking level

waterval toscane e volterra familievakantie

Tuscan nature and history

Be guided to waterfalls, never ending forests, old monasteries and beautiful hamlets